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After 16 months of constructing, on August 10th, Hong Bang International University Tower was officially inaugurated at 215 Dien Bien Phu street, ward 15, Binh Thanh district, HCMC with the witness of over 1,000 people including central leaders, city leaders, education specialists, consulates of countries, lecturers, staff and students of HIU.


 Communist party and City leader at the inauguration “ribbon cutting” ceremony

  More than 1000 VIP and visitors at the Ship of Knowledge inauguration ceremony


Coming to this event, there are Mr Vo Van Thuong - Politburo commissioner , Secretary of the central committee, Head of the central Committee for Propaganda and Education, Mr Le Thanh Hai - Former Politburo Commissioner, Former Secretary of the Party Committee of HCMC, Mr Nguyen Van Dua - Former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of HCMC, Ms Nguyen Thi Thu - Deputy Chairman of People's Committee of HCMC, Mr Ha Huu Phuc - Head of Department, director of representative office of ministry of education and training in HCM city, leaders of Ba Ria Vung Tau, Bac Lieu, Khanh Hoa provinces, principals of universities, high schools in HCM city. 

The ceremony was also proudly receiving a congratulation flowers from the President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam-Tran Dai Quang, commissioner of politics ministry- Senior Lieutenant-General To Lam, minister of public security, minister of education and training- professor Dr. Phung Xuan Nha.

There were attendances from different Consulates. For example: Japanese General Consulate Kawaue Junichi, Cambodia General Consulate Im Hen, Deputy General Consulate of United Kingdom Neil James, representatives from Australia and Italia embassy.

 Dr. Do Manh Cuong- permanent education commissioner of NHG, Assoc. Prof, Dr. Thai Ba Can-president of HIU, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu- HCM city’s vice chairwomen of People’s Committee, Mr. Vo Van Thuong- Politburo commissioner , Secretary of the central committee, Head of the central Committee for Propaganda and Education, Mr Ha Huu Phuc-Director of representatives of MOET at HCM city, Prof. Dr. Truong Dinh Kiet and Lawyer M.a Trinh Huu Chung- Vice president of HIU (from the left)

 Ms. Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao- General Director of NHG (on the left), and Assoc. Prof, Dr. Thai Ba Can (on the right) taking pictures with artists


From NHG, Mr. Hoang Quoc Viet- the chairman, Mr. Tran Dai Hai - The vice chairman, Ms. Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao - General Manager - Chairwomen of board of Trustee HIU, Mr. Dinh Quang Nuong - Vice president of NHG were at the event. From Hong Bang International University, Assoc. Prof. Thai Ba Can- President, Prof. Dr. Peter Bracket - Vice president of international academic, Assoc. Prof. Truong Dinh Kiet- Vice president of Health Science group, Lawyer- MA. Trinh Huu Chung- Vice president of external and industry affair. 

 Mr. Vo Van Thuong- Head of the central Committee of Propaganda and Education delivered his remark at the ceremony

  Mr. Ha Huu Phuc- Head of Department, director of representative office of ministry of education and training in HCM city

 Mr. Hoang Quoc Viet- Chairman of NHG responded to the VIP and visitor at the ceremony


Associate Professor, Dr. Thai Ba Can, the president of HIU in his opening remark, listed the function and benefits of the building as well as 20 years establishment celebration.


 Associate Professor, Dr. Thai Ba Can


PhD. Thai Ba Can said: “Inaugurating HIU tower will open enormous opportunities for students to study and practice in professional, modern environment, which plays a strong role in supporting the university in training for new student generations- internationally integrate with confidence. Besides the investment of material facilities, HIU also focuses on creating practical training program, intern and work at firms for the first years with the training and guiding entrepreneurs. Enterprise cooperations create 30.000 multi jobs for students to intern and work after graduation, guarantee for student’s 100 percent of job opportunities. Students after graduation have over 5.5 IELTS points, master 4 skills: listening/speaking/reading/writing can work directly with foreign partners. 

 Prof. Dr Peter Brackett- Vice president of International Academic HIU

Ms. Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao - Chairman of the Board of governors of HIU said: " HIU belongs to NHG- education operation considers development and promotion of people as its goals, so HIU has huge advantages. That is, NHG itself is a multi-sectors enterprise, it's ready and able to take responsibility for community. Having complete education system which ensures the integrity and consistency in line, philosophy, education content in order to develop human completely. Having enterprise cooperation networks cooperate and share responsibility in educating, training and creating jobs so that young generations have opportunities to take part in labor market.



HIU internationalization is on 3 criteria: International integration program, international cooperation program, international program-Campus. Ship of knowledge was designed to become a part of administrative system following the aim of internationalization and complete education, Phd. Peter Brackett- vice principal who is in charge of HIU international program says. 

Speaking at inauguration, Mr. Vo Van Thuong - Politburo Commissioner, Secretary of the Central Committee, Head of Central Committee for Propaganda and Education, believes that after 20 establishment, the university has important advances. Teaching staff have quality, teaching and managing experience improved, round up enough necessary conditions in order to create high quality human resource for country. Ship of knowledge was inaugurated impressively today. It was a vivid proof for that development potential. I    highly welcome and appreciate the investment decision which is meaningful because it is suitable for socialization encouragement policy in order to build and develop high quality schools at all learning levels and training level of the Party and State.

 Singer Dam Vinh Hung is proud to be the music club leader of NHG and HIU

 Original song “proud of being HIU student” performed by HIU students

 Features of "the Ship of knowledge" - HIU


Significant Features of SHIP OF KNOWLEDGE HIU

Functional spaces such as multipurpose sport area, gym and recovery areas, stress relieve room, skybar, food court, friendly library to help students manage their university life effectively and modernly.

HIU library was designed by modern university library model at Harvard (USA) like a friendly cafe library. No longer a room with only books, library at HIU tower has spacious space, tea tables rounded by soft sofas, bookshelves with chairs souvenir kiosk, learning coffee area, electronic library. All of that provide comfortable feeling for readers to ease their knowledge discovery process.

"5 stars" lecture hall. The tower has 102 lecture halls, learning rooms for teaching, account for a large space of the tower area (from 8th floor to 21st floor). The second and the third floors are the huge lecture halls. The fifth floor is a floor for practicing. 22nd, 23rd and 24th floors are operation areas linked with smart technology center. "5 stars" standards elevator system connected into big halls. Over 4.800m2 exchange and self-study areas from 2nd to 25th floors. The tower has a big conference room with 500 seats and modern equipment. 

99 “Stars on the Walk of Fame". From the front yard, 33 stairs divided into 2 spans which are slowly higher and are attached 99 stars leading to the main lobby. The stars represent people who contributed effectively for HIU. The entry with sparkling stars inspires university life - where people stay close together like stars in the sky and generations connected with one another. 

Assoc. Prof., Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung- former president of HIU is the very first one to  earn the star on the Walk of Fame

Green space.  Ancient trees, trusses, environmental-friendly materials are architecture standards which are stable with environment. Besides, there is a romantic garden which memories students' university life at HIU.

Open space for communication and complete education. 

At HIU, areas and practical equipment all reach national-international standards such as: 

- Electronic books library 

- 102 lecture halls, large rooms; main conference room with capacity of 500 seats 

- Gym room with modern equipment and professional trainers 

- Practical areas with 7 lab rooms, over 280 modern equipment serve extensive studying and learning needs. 

- Practice area for hotel-restaurant faculty with 5 stars standards including reception, restaurant, cooking, baking areas, relaxing areas with standard rooms etc.

- Practice area banking-finance, business administration faculties including bank, stimulation company stock exchange etc.

- Practical area for architecture, graphics, art, fashion, studio room, pottery workshop, filming room etc.

- Office station - workplace of staff, lectures is also modernized.

Besides, Ship of Knowledge also consists of relaxing spaces such as foodcourt, art entertainment, creativity, sports, Golf, swimming and football field etc.

Green spots are always focused in the Ship of Knowledge, green venue is the place that students can emerge themselves into nature, refreshing and tranquility.

By all the investment of NHG, HIU will definitely on its way to be standard International University in all aspects: the framework and education administration- academic curricula- language of instruction- and lecturers team.

In this “flat world”, an economics knowledge and age of information technology and Industry evolution 4.0, HIU will utilize any advantages to develop as “Intelligent University” on the foundation of Internet of thing- IoT.

- Function and reception area: are designed with various of screens, transparent glasses, for maximizing the natural light. The lecture halls and aquarium are wide open and connects the building. With the feeling of the Time square, receiving and delivering, an atmosphere of modern, professionalism, and tranquility. The color tone of the floor reminds of the cool and solidary.

-Parking lot with open design and managing technology as well as clean and modern as hotel toiletries.

Sources from hiu.vn